About Us

Perfumes of the Desert
P. O. Box 7036
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87194

Perfumes of the Desert was first opened in 1948 by the original perfumer, Howard Focannon. In the following years, native flowers were collected from the desert canyonlands and mesas of the great southwest and formulated into the fragrance oils used in our perfumes today. Mr. Focannon’s daughter and son-in-law, Bill and Shirley Mollenkopf remained in the business and offered these one of a kind fragrances in Albuquerque’s Old Town District from the mid 1950’s until their retirement in 2000.

After months of training under the guidance of Mr. Mollenkopf, Dian Kaehele purchased the production facilities and the Old Town Indian Trading Post retail operation in the spring of 2000. Until June of 2010, Dian continued to produce these distinctive aromas while maintaining the retail outlet. Today, the Trading Post has become Grandfather Eagle, providing high quality, hand crafted Southwestern jewelry. Perfumes of the Desert is pleased to continue offering our fragrances in the Old Town area through this fine store. Dian has chosen to concentrate on the production of these delicate scents and expanding their availability through additional retailers throughout the country. The original oils and the techniques used in blending these fine fragrances live on. No other perfumes in the world have these unique qualities and aromas or offer the rare characteristics of these distinctive signature scents.